Guidance During Export and Transport


Guidance During Export and Transport

Auto Corsten Export will sort out the paperwork for you on the spot. Backed by many years of experience, Auto Corsten Export can guide you smoothly through the process of registration and preparation of the necessary customs documents for export to virtually any country in the world.

Required export documents

When you import a vehicle purchased in the Netherlands to your own country, you need a number of documents:

Export Declaration

verklaring typegoedkeuring

Export registration documents and plates

When you intend to make use of the public highway for a vehicle that has been registered for export, or drive it to the destination country, you need an export registration document and number plates. This is because the Dutch number plates are destroyed when the vehicle is registered for export. The export registration is then valid for 14 days, which means you have 14 days to drive the vehicle to the destination country. However, the vehicle must also have a valid ‘APK’ (MOT, official approval of roadworthiness) before export registration can be given. If the APK expires earlier, then the export registration will expire on the same date as the APK. The export registration plate is a white plate with black numbers and letters. It consists of one number followed by two letters and a combination of three letters or numbers. Auto Corsten can arrange registration in your name in a trice. This also applies to export number plates. If necessary, your purchase can be inspected and approved for export in our workshop.

verklaring typegoedkeuring

Export Certificate

The advantages of the VWE Export Certificate
Detailed information about the vehicle;
A translation of the RDW export declaration;
Seal of quality approval and proof that the export transaction has been correctly processed.

verklaring typegoedkeuring

Declaration of type approval data (cars)

If you export a car to another country and apply for vehicle registration there, you will be asked for a Declaration of Type Approval Data. The information on the VWE Declaration of Type Approval Data is comparable to that on a CVO (Certificaat Van Overeenstemming) or COC (Certificate Of Conformity). On this declaration you will find the technical information that is equivalent to the original normalization data and is required to register the car.

verklaring typegoedkeuring

Declaration of Type Approval Data (Caravans)

Since recently, VWE also has a Declaration of Type Approval Data for caravans and trailers. With this declaration it is easy to register a caravan in another country. On this declaration, too, you will find the technical information that is equivalent to the original normalization data and is required to register the caravan.

groene kaart

Green Card

Remember that exported vehicles must have liability insurance. You can temporarily insure your exported vehicle with the Green Card. This international proof of insurance covers you for legal liability and is valid for 15 days. As an individual you can obtain a Green Card at one of the VWE service points. You should take the Dutch registration document, transit document and/or export registration document with you, plus the driver’s proof of identity.

factuur verklaring

EUR. 1 Movement Certificate

The EU has made trade agreements with a number of countries outside the EU. Thanks to these agreements, foreign buyers can import on advantageous terms, such as lowering of or exemption from import duties. These advantageous import terms make it attractive for customers in these countries to buy a car of European origin.

EAD document

EAD Customs Document

When exporting vehicles to countries outside the European Union, you must present the Customs with an export declaration and an EAD Customs Document must be drawn up.

RDW kentekenbewijs

Other information

  • Your complete and most recent registration document Part I (IA), Part II (IB) and Copy Part III / ‘Overschrijvingsbewijs’ (II);
  • The appropriate registration plate(s);
  • Original and valid proof of identity.
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