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New Adam Rocks


Rüsselsheim. Since the spring, Opel has been creating a lot of attention with free-spirited commercials and adverts based on the slogan “Umparken im Kopf” (“Change your mind”). On September 22, Opel will launch the next phase with the start of the advertising campaign for the ADAM ROCKS. The Rüsselsheim-based company makes it perfectly clear that the ADAMS ROCKS is no ordinary small car with the fresh, cheeky and above all humorous commercials. Anything but cute, is Opel’s claim.

The campaign, developed by Hamburg-based agency Scholz & Friends, will supply German TV channels and digital media with two cheeky and surprising commercials. Furthermore, various advertising motifs will feature in high-circulation magazines, newspapers and on billboards.

“Opel’s message is clear: The ADAM ROCKS is an adventurous, modern and masculine small car,” said Tina Müller, Vice President & CMO Opel Group. The Opel campaign clearly targets this group of people and is completely different to any previous advertising models for this segment.
With the help of the campaign, the three-door, 3.75-meter long ADAM ROCKS mini-crossover is creating its own market segment. No matter whether as an adventurous open-air vehicle, a stylish trendsetter or a limitless individualization champion – the ADAM ROCKS ticks all the boxes. The completely new naturally-aspirated 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection turbo engine combined with a six-speed transmission along with the modern, affordable IntelliLink infotainment system with quick and simple handling emphasize its special status among small cars.

From September, the ADAM ROCKS will be available . The new commercials/adverts can be seen on major TV channels, in high-circulation publications and on the internet throughout Europe from end of September.


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